• Virtual Ludo Competition
    Venue: Allenhouse Public School, Panki | Online
    Event Date: 9-Jun-2021
    Winners believe in opportunities and possibilities instead of difficulties and pain; with such belief Allenites have proved that every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.
    To break the mundane summer, Allenhouse Public School, Panki has organized a ‘Virtual Ludo Competion’ during summer break to make students get their energy back and feel more effervescent. Allenites believe that such competitions make our students future ready to face challenges in life and become pragmatic and intrepid without trepidation of losing as we make them understand that losing is just a part of every challenge we face to get one step closer to win.
    Students of classes I to XI have participated with full ardour and some of them felt euphoric after winning the same. In Group A Devansh Narayan(IV) got 1st and Jaitra Inesha Sinha(V) got 2nd whereas in Group B Aradhya Pathak (VI) begged 1st position, Ainesh Srivastava (VIII) 2nd and Varun Saral got 3rd position and in Group C Swastika Pathak (XI) got 1st, Ranvijay Singh (XI) 2nd and Trijal Singh (X) begged 3rd positon and won laurel.
    Congratulations to all winners!!!