• Virat Kakkar's Winning performance in Panorama 2.0 organized by DPS, Kalyanpur, Kanpur. | APS Panki
    Venue: Delhi Public School, Kalyanpur, Kanpur
    Event Date: 31-Aug-2021
    The natural world has intrinsic wisdom that needs no words to convey its magnificence. It has music as a prime source that communicates its mystery and majesty. 

    Music is everywhere around us and everyone has a rich and diverse experience of music. 

    Our Virat Kakkar of class 10 also has great Inclination towards music and vocally has a booming voice. He has also achieved amazing vocal acrobatics because of his consistent practice and perseverance. His industrious efforts made him bag the 1st position in Panorama 2.0, conducted by Delhi Public School, Kalyanpur,Kanpur in the Solo Singing competition. 

    We are immensely delighted witnessing his success. Virat, your voice is the most natural instrument we have and we celebrate your vocal abilities. 
    We wish you all the best.