Principal's Message

I firmly believe that the task of an educator is primarily to try and understand the psychology of the child and veer her/him towards an environment of learning. This environment is a conducive mental atmosphere,which allows the learner to grasp knowledge not only for personal gain but also for the benefit of society. Nation building starts early at home and we as teachers further this ideal by inculcating values to the impressionable minds in school. Education, being more than a means to a profession, should be a calling in one’s life as the motto of the school “Esto Perpetua’’ underscores learning as ubiquitous and a continuum. A school which addresses the holistic development of a learner not only benefits the pupil but also the environment around the student. For this magnanimous principle to fructify, the only way forward for the nation is to invest in the capacity enhancement of its educators, who in turn shapes the future citizenry.

Student teacher relationship is the mainstay of our educational system. This symbiotic association is akin to parental affinity. Teachers with their wisdom advance this relationship by enthusiastically contributing to the progress of the child under their care. I see students as protagonists of a system that wants to better itself every day in order to reach an ideal stage. We the educators are their catalysts and empower their minds and body to achieve this goal.

I firmly believe in contributing to the overall development of the child by inculcating moral values like equality and social justice, thereby empowering them to be the change they want to see around themselves. Empowerment, whether be it mental, social, economic, cultural and political can only assume shape if the students are taught to learn wisely, act positively, evolve holistically, educate others wholeheartedly, care for nature selflessly and inspire the next generation thoroughly.

This aspect of social interdependency has transformed the concept of a school into a micro nation. Acknowledging this is the first step towards a better future, for what one teaches to the young ones here, is what transpires to the larger world outside. As I would convey and inculcate virtues in my students and educators alike so will I live up to their expectation by practicing what I preach. I thank the patrons of the school in believing in us to entrust their precious wards under our care.

I also thank the Chairman of this organization for his prescience and vision in establishing an institute that emphasizes not only on the theoretical, practical and physical growth of its scholars but also on human bonds to remain everlasting and indelible.

Dr Richa Prakash