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Webinar Allen institute
  • Event Date: 09-May-2020
  • Updated On: 09-May-2020
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Description: The theme of the webinar was the "Impact of COVID 19 on the Education Sector across the Globe and Way Forward" talked about the global impact of the pandemic on the education sector from the K-12 to beyond in the higher education area as well. There were many aspects which were touched upon: Discussion was oriented towards the shift that has to come in understanding learning outcomes from the earlier traditional times to the modern times like rather than being competitive we need to learn to collaborate, compliment and create, reskill mindset, teaching to learning, unlearn to relearn, out of the box being BOX-Less. The bottom up approach to the contemporary times as we are not aware of the times to come in the next two decades and the kind of jobs that would be available for the children of today for the future of tomorrow. Research orientation and to incorporate PBL based learning that can enhance cognition and integrate the teaching learning process. The polls conducted intermittently were extremely interesting and hands-on as they gave a broader understanding of the impact of the pandemic and the deep invasive impact it shall have in the COVID-19 pandemic days to come on education and interaction between teachers, students and parents. Restructure the infrastructure to reorient in such a way to encourage flip learning and may be bring in a more tech savvy school environment in the post COVID-19 days to come.
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