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Description: My father is an invisible hero Who pretends being a joyful man while hiding the pains inside He is a big liar, while keeping every drop of tear beneath Father is most precious to us What can we give in return to him?? FATHER -Fathers are one of the most beloved heroes in our stories. Life seems so incomplete without them because they add beauty that nobody can. Father’s day is one occasion which comes with an opportunity to make our Dad feel special and make him realize his contribution in the whole family set up. When a child is born, right from the day, the father is his superhero. The child learns to move and take the first step with his Father. Fathers are the greatest gift in every child’s life that no one can ever replace and his actions ripple out into the future.Their stories are untold , unnoticed . The unsung heroes,who are not expressive and every single day they put their best efforts to spread smile into their families without asking anything in return. Father’s Day is celebrated every year on 3rd Sunday in the month of June. To make this Father’s day indelible, the stars of ‘Amber house’ presented a virtual assembly to convey their heartfelt gratitude and cherish the bond # Father’s day #The unsung heroes #Amber assembly #APSP